My Caveman Lover Husband


My Caveman Lover, Husband of Mine, Romances me in the kitchen. :) after cooking up a big plate of Beef, Portobello Mushroom and Brussels for his lunch today. Picture this…….my back turned away from him because I’m making some green tea after lunch is done, he gently comes up from behind me….turns me around….puts his arms around me and pulls me tightly but gently towards him, lowers his lips to my neck which btw is my favorite :) he breaths….slowly…….my scent….over and over again….then my face and then slowly makes his way to my lips…………. eventually we look at each other and I feel my heart flutter and beat to the same rhythm as his. He loves me…… heart knows this. We’re in love……31 years and were still in love! Either that or it’s my cooking skills. :D The way to your husbands heart IS through his stomach. LOL.



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