Taco Fresco……..Frisky?

My husband loves Tacos…..well, all Mexican food really but Tacos are his Faves. Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, carnitas tacos……… I feel like Bubba talking about all the ways to make shrimp….oh! Shrimp tacos! ;) LOL. I know tacos are easy smeasy to make but just in case there’s a newbie wifey / hubby out there reading my blog I’d like to show her / him how smeasy it is.

First I love the Nueva Cocina Latin Cuisine 100% Natural Taco Fresco Seasoning & Veggie Mix brand that I buy at Whole Foods. It is Gluten Free and VERY GOOD.
I brown my meat ( beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish ) what every floats your boat. ( Oh my….I’m on a Bubba Gump Shrimp Boat still…LOL ) Drain off the fat and return to the skillet and add in the Taco Fresco Seasoning. Sauté it for one minute then add in 1/4 cup of water and 8 oz of Tomato Sauce and simmer for 5 mins.

While this is simmering I chop up some of our home grown leafy lettuce, and tomato.
I also grill up some Soft Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas to warm them up and put them in a tortilla warmer keeper thinging……sorry, I don’t know what it’s called. :/

When meat has finished I put everything on the kitchen island and we attack it with gusto… we assemble our own tacos adding the meet, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato onto the corn tortillas and go to town eating them! Now Randy LOVES his jalapeños and so he tops his with those. You can add other things like black olives, sour cream, hot sauce, whatever you want, but I don’t think it needs anything else. :) the Taco Fresco is that good! Anywho…..:)

I want to tell you what my sweet husband said to me tonight. :)
He said ” Yuuuuummmmmm, there is nothing like home made tacos honey……..” then he paused and said ” I cherish you, when was the last time I told you that I cherished you?” :) I said….it’s just been a little while…… I said you cherish me because I feed you good….. He said well yeah but I really, really do. :) I love this man, this man of mine ;)



Hot Spicy Kisses

My favorite chocolate is GF Dagoba Organic Chocolate Xocolatl with CHILIES! OMGOODNESS! Now where’s My husband….I want to kiss him…..I love to kiss when my mouth is on fire LOL
Try it….you’ll like it.



Satisfy Me Omelette

I’ve been set free….. That is what I was thinking to myself as I cooked breakfast for dinner tonight. I heard myself say out loud to my husband ” Randy, I feel like I’ve been set free. ” His response was, what do you mean? I said, well, I feel like since I’ve became Gluten Free and Paleo that I’m free to finally eat and cook with out fear. There’s so much freedom while cooking paleo. Eggs, veg’s, meat, herbs, butter, bacon! I’m not sick! I feel great!

Below is one of our fast go to dinners.
You’ll need:
1/4 c of chopped onions- grill first.
Then add in 5 eggs scrambled.
1/2 of a chopped seeded tomato.
1 c of chopped mushrooms.
2 handfuls of spinach.
Then stir and cook till done. Not dry. :) I leave them a little wet. ;)
Then I add the 1/4 c of shredded cheese to the top and turn off the heat and cover with lid so that the cheese melts and the eggs set up. :)
Serve with bacon….. Yes, I said BACON :)
Serves 2


What a Beautiful Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend……does it have to end? :( Saturday was spent with my BFF Rhonda shopping, eating, laughing and talking “allot” :) Saturday night date with this husband of mine Randy dinner and then late night hot tub, star watching, kissy face time. ;) Then church “LOVE COTM” ” Too Busy NOT to Pray part 2.” Dinner out with my cousin Sherri and son Nathan and Lacey and my little love Genevieve ;) watched a great movie called “Memorial Day” and then today spent with my mom Mary and Randy decorating family graves and then back home to have a cook out and swim in the pool and played with the chicks and spent a little time with our daughter Brandi and 3 VERY EXCITED Grands as they all named THIER chicks. LOL So we now have them all named ;) lets see if I can remember them all…….
Henrietta- she’s the oldest…..I named her ;)
Henny Penny- she’s the smallest- my moms
(I had to look at my cheat sheet)
MayBell- Genevieve’s
RosaBella- Abigail’s
Loudie- He chirps the loudest! Lol Taylor
Shadow- Tristan’s
And ended with 3 Blog Posts on my Blog Page. Now 4….. when this one is done BUT technically it’s really the first one for today since its 12:17 am…..why am I up? Anywho…. Where was I?

It’s Memorial Day and it was spent thinking about all the people I love and miss who have crossed over into heaven and all those who gave their lives for me and my family to live here in this wonderful God given United States of America and who serve our country now and in the future, Thank You, I wish I could give each person living and passed a BIG HUG and Kiss on the cheek and look into each persons eyes and have that moment of connection that we each would never forget. ;)

Below are pics of special people that I love and miss so much :

I lost my sister in June 27, 1995 Worst day of my life.

I lost my Daddy Aug 15, 2008 2nd Worst day of my life.

It seems I’ve grieved the loss of loved ones for most of my adult life. Thank the Lord HE has always been in my life and helped me through the worst days of it. God has truly been my comforter and hearing his voice speak to my spirit daily and sometimes every minute of that day has been true healing and peace and love. I have such peace in knowing that some day I’ll be with my loved ones again and I can hardly wait ;)

Chicken’s……….We Have Chicken’s!…..I’ve always wanted chickens! :)





Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we’ve finally made the decision to raise our very own chickens! I can’t tell you just how excited we are. They are so adorable and are already getting used to us. There little personality’s are already shining through. I can hardly wait for them to start following me around the yard. :) My husband Randy is building a new home for them as I type and I’m hoping they will feel and know our love for them ;) I know…. I know….their just chickens! BUT I love animals and even though we are raising them to have gluten free healthy yummy organic eggs they will be our pets too. ;) we have a tea cup poodle 3.6 pounds and I’m hoping they all get along well.
4-6 months and we’ll have our first eggs! More info to come ;)




Chicken Pancetta Mezzetta





I made my husband one happy guy with this dinner.
Assemble as shown above and bake at 350* for 30 min. Y’all enjoy 💏

Italian Mozzarella Zucchini

I have to say Zucchini is one of my very favorite veg’s to eat. I don’t miss pasta at all as long as I have Zucchini :) Its a must in my kitchen.
350* for 45 min give or take or till tender ;)



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