21 Day Church Fast 2017 What I’ve noticed differently about my life now that I’ve started a Fast of no social media.  

1: More time studying my bible.
2: More prayer time.

3: I feel relaxed.

4: I feel happy and loved.

5: I move around the house more but I have to say having two new puppies would do that anyways.lol

Meet Ola and Olivia, our little girls.

6: My mind thinks on things that I want to think about. Not Facebook!

7: I find myself wanting to post a thought or what I’m doing or where I’m at. It’s become first nature to me and I don’t like that about myself. Facebook taught that to me. It’s time to stop and live my life freely and for myself.

8: I miss my blog. I miss writing.

9: I’ve been reading more books that I can hold instead of a blinding iPhone. This one was given to me by my best friend Rhonda. I love this book! ❤️

10: Speaking of blinding. My eyes have been feeling a little better. Not so strained or as dry.

11: On the down side. I can’t completely stay away from Facebook because other people bring it into my life by talking about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. I like the good, the funny and some info it can bring but I sure could do without the bad, ugly drama and the just plain stupid stuff. In the future I’m going to ask this husband of mine to fast social media with me. Lol

12: Facebook became my diary of sorts. Pictures, videos, albums, thoughts, sadness, happiness and some…. very few….. aggravations.

I have spouted off a few times on feelings of hurt and pain but then apologized and then deleted them. So, I’ve not been totally perfect on Facebook let’s make that clear. But overall, I feel like they’ve all been tucked away where I can’t see them. I miss my normal diary and photo albums. Where is my life?

On Facebook! I’ve made a mistake!

Note to self: Make photo albums.

13: Begin my blogging again. I just looked at my blog. I’m filled with so many emotions. Nothing for the last year and a half. Why? Two words. Breast Cancer. I had breast cancer and I couldn’t write about it. It was so personal, so horrible. So I stopped and just focused on getting well. I’m alive. ❣Thank you Jesus!

14: It’s Sunday morning and I’m in my rocking chair drinking my hot green tea. I feel Facebook pulling me. I say no and it still pulls. So I decided to record my thoughts. Time to pray through and remember I am in a fast. Get closer to the Lord and pray fervently for others. 🙏🏻

15: Talking more on texting.

16: Getting and making more cell calls ;) I’ve been reaching out to others and having real conversations. Some went well and some didn’t. I prayed and gave it to God. I trust Him to take care of it.

17: Had time to organize cabinets that have been on my mind to do.

18: It has changed my routine and I love it!

19: I’ve stopped watching Real Housewives. I have no desire or care one bit about them. I even took all of them out of my Twitter feed. Lol. I don’t want to watch someone else’s drama. I have had enough in my own life. No more!

20: There’s way more to life then social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all great forms of communication on all topics but I need to remember to put God, prayer, bible study and praise and worship first in my daily life.

21: I finished our Churches 21 day fast devotional @thechurch.at


God is good. God is faithful. God is love. Thank you Jesus for saving my life!

I hope this blog is encouraging you to take time to Fast Social Media. It will set you on a straight path back to your first love, Jesus and life …… real life.


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