What Can I Say About Marriage


What can I say about marriage? I’m crazy in love with my husband of 31 + years. I’ve loved every minute. He’s a wonderful, loving, kind hearted, Christian man and I am blessed to have him as mine. (Advice: Read the Bible, its a guide book for everything. ;) forgive each other…no body’s perfect, be patent with each other, laugh at yourselves and love and kiss allot! )……..love covers up a multitude of sins……the ups and downs ( your going to have them, don’t give up on each other ) ……the good, the bad and the ugly, lets face it, the good far out weighs the bad so think on those things ;) ……..the sad moments and the happy moments, we’ve had them, death and birth, that’s life…….growing up and growing older, we both were immature, experienced some much needed life’s lessons, that’s where the forgiveness comes in ;) as far as growing older, well, with it comes body changes, some pain too, but the good part is you become more free or set free from life’s influences or expectations, your mind has matured and you start to see things differently and it’s a HUGE relief! ………raising children and watching them grow up, get married and then us becoming empty nesters, now here’s where joy reaches the most inner part of you soul and sadness too…… Chapters in our lives on the book about us……..life goes on……grandchildren start to fill our lives with new beginnings……such joy do they bring to our hearts and lives but at the same moment the loss of our own children become more real…..they are children no more but parents…..I miss my children, their child like smell, the touch of their little hands and the feel of their soft hair, the sound of their voices in my ear day and night. The twinkle in their eyes as they look at me face to face in that I love you mom way. The touch of their sweet kisses and hugs. A mothers heart aches for those things for her whole life long but our children won’t know that till they feel the longing for themselves when they too begin to feel that loss. Nothing can really fill that place in our hearts…….Grandchildren are a blessing from the the Lord, a second runner up to our own beloved children, I hope that doesn’t sound terrible but that’s the way I feel. I love my kids and I equally love my grandchildren. My little loves. They have my heart, they always have and always will. Such joy they bring to our home. As they come into our home with voices of pure excitement from being here and seeing us. We hear…… Mema!, Papa!, They come running to us, hugs and kisses are given, cookies and candy are asked for, toys and laughter begin, sibling rivalry….let’s don’t go there….lol…… So much fun to be with and then time to go home and there’s tears because they want to stay…..but Mema and Papa need a nap! Ha! The house is once again quite….Thank God….because like I said before….we need a nap. ;) I am thankful for my family. I love them, each one with their own personalities, I have a special relationship with each one, not one in the same way but all equally loved and cherished. Thank you God for making me a Wife, Lover and best friend for my Husband Randy, Mother, to my Children Brandi and Nathan and their Spouses Bryan and Lacey and a Mema to my little loves Taylor, Tristan, Abigail and Genevieve and a Friend to those who have loved me, believed in me and cherished me as I did them. ;) Our Book isn’t over by far……we’re just in another chapter of our lives. I’m excited to see and experience and to live it all out to the fullness and all for the Glory Of God and Christ my Savior. ;)



What a Beautiful Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend……does it have to end? :( Saturday was spent with my BFF Rhonda shopping, eating, laughing and talking “allot” :) Saturday night date with this husband of mine Randy dinner and then late night hot tub, star watching, kissy face time. ;) Then church “LOVE COTM” ” Too Busy NOT to Pray part 2.” Dinner out with my cousin Sherri and son Nathan and Lacey and my little love Genevieve ;) watched a great movie called “Memorial Day” and then today spent with my mom Mary and Randy decorating family graves and then back home to have a cook out and swim in the pool and played with the chicks and spent a little time with our daughter Brandi and 3 VERY EXCITED Grands as they all named THIER chicks. LOL So we now have them all named ;) lets see if I can remember them all…….
Henrietta- she’s the oldest…..I named her ;)
Henny Penny- she’s the smallest- my moms
(I had to look at my cheat sheet)
MayBell- Genevieve’s
RosaBella- Abigail’s
Loudie- He chirps the loudest! Lol Taylor
Shadow- Tristan’s
And ended with 3 Blog Posts on my Blog Page. Now 4….. when this one is done BUT technically it’s really the first one for today since its 12:17 am…..why am I up? Anywho…. Where was I?

It’s Memorial Day and it was spent thinking about all the people I love and miss who have crossed over into heaven and all those who gave their lives for me and my family to live here in this wonderful God given United States of America and who serve our country now and in the future, Thank You, I wish I could give each person living and passed a BIG HUG and Kiss on the cheek and look into each persons eyes and have that moment of connection that we each would never forget. ;)

Below are pics of special people that I love and miss so much :

I lost my sister in June 27, 1995 Worst day of my life.

I lost my Daddy Aug 15, 2008 2nd Worst day of my life.

It seems I’ve grieved the loss of loved ones for most of my adult life. Thank the Lord HE has always been in my life and helped me through the worst days of it. God has truly been my comforter and hearing his voice speak to my spirit daily and sometimes every minute of that day has been true healing and peace and love. I have such peace in knowing that some day I’ll be with my loved ones again and I can hardly wait ;)

Friends…… We all need them :)


It’s so important to remember your friends. Sending them cards with special sayings meant just for them. A phone call just to talk is such a good thing to do, this creates a bonding time. Dinner party’s are one of my favorite things to do with friends, you never know what fun conversation will happen. Most of all, always remember them in your prayers, you never know what might be going on in their daily lives.  And uplift your friends, they will love you for that. We all need to hear good things about ourselves. Right? ;) 

29 years of Friendship :o) Loving, Laughing, Forgiving, Laughing, Talking, Laughing, Living, Laughing...................

29 years of Friendship :o Loving, Laughing, Forgiving, Laughing, Talking, Laughing, Crying, Laughing, Living, Laughing……………….and then Laughing some more.

Love God Greatly

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