Building Our Chicken Coop

Where to begin…..Meet My Little Friend Henny Penny. She’s the smallest in our little chick family and also just happens to be the best dressed for this blog today. ;) Isn’t she CUTE!

Anyways, back to the building of our chicken coop. My husband Randy can do anything he puts his mind and hands too. He’s my very own superman hero……I wish I could insert a picture of him wearing a superman cape but I don’t have one so this one will have to do…..SUPERGIRL :)

Randy did his research and decided to build a coop for them called a tractor which they will live in until he builds the nice big one that they will live in permanently. ( I’ll be posting pics on that also when he gets it started ) Below are pictures as it progressed into a lovely home for our new family of chickens.







Butter Coffee?

Butter Coffee?.

Here is some great info about the correct coffee beans we should be using.

Chicken’s……….We Have Chicken’s!…..I’ve always wanted chickens! :)





Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we’ve finally made the decision to raise our very own chickens! I can’t tell you just how excited we are. They are so adorable and are already getting used to us. There little personality’s are already shining through. I can hardly wait for them to start following me around the yard. :) My husband Randy is building a new home for them as I type and I’m hoping they will feel and know our love for them ;) I know…. I know….their just chickens! BUT I love animals and even though we are raising them to have gluten free healthy yummy organic eggs they will be our pets too. ;) we have a tea cup poodle 3.6 pounds and I’m hoping they all get along well.
4-6 months and we’ll have our first eggs! More info to come ;)




I Think I’ve Found A Little Piece Of Heaven

I think I’ve found a little piece of heaven right here on earth. I was reading my WordPress fav’s and came across

Banana Manna Cakes.

. I swear, she made it look so good that if I wouldn’t have already eaten dinner I would have got up right then and there and made them! This morning it was the first thing on my mind and on my To Do list :) I ended up making the crepe 1 banana – 2 eggs ratio and added some blueberries. OMGOODNESS……HEAVEN! And of course added a side of BACON BACON! Now, my husband loves his sweets… not so much….and so he had pure maple syrup on his and he was a happy caveman. Myself…….so very….very….very happy. Thank you Becky Blue Eyes for your Banana Manna Cakes ;)


Afternoon Tea Anyone


I was reading an article from


Learning, Eating, Paleo, Living.


Quit possibly the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!

Steve’s Paleo Krunch
Grainless Granola Cereal
Coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds & honey.

Below are some other foods I bought. We loved the blueberries, mango and cranberries. I’ll let y’all know about the others as we get a chance to eat them. But I can tell you right now…. After trying these others I’m sure they are all going to be great!


My Caveman Lover Husband


My Caveman Lover, Husband of Mine, Romances me in the kitchen. :) after cooking up a big plate of Beef, Portobello Mushroom and Brussels for his lunch today. Picture this…….my back turned away from him because I’m making some green tea after lunch is done, he gently comes up from behind me….turns me around….puts his arms around me and pulls me tightly but gently towards him, lowers his lips to my neck which btw is my favorite :) he breaths….slowly…….my scent….over and over again….then my face and then slowly makes his way to my lips…………. eventually we look at each other and I feel my heart flutter and beat to the same rhythm as his. He loves me…… heart knows this. We’re in love……31 years and were still in love! Either that or it’s my cooking skills. :D The way to your husbands heart IS through his stomach. LOL.


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