Sundays…. My favorite day of the week.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. First of all we get to wake up slowly because we don’t have to be in a hurry because our church Church on the Move starts later in the am. That means snuggle time on our sectional in the den and time spent drinking his morning coffee and my fruit and protein smoothie and just good ole bonding time with this husband of mine.
Every Sunday we get to enjoy one of our four grandchild “Genevieve” run in the front door saying Mimi!!! Papa!!! And into our arms she comes leaping and smiling :) all ready to go to church! :) This morning was so fun because as she was on her way in she stops in the yard to pick one of her favorite ” flowers” and stops to blow it.


Oh what joy it is to watch her grow up. :)

Today was a crockpot Sunday. ( I really cooked it yesterday so I guess I should say SatSunday Crockpot day. ) I wanted to fix a nice juicy tender Pot Roast with onions and butternut squash and mushrooms but didn’t want to wait for 8 hours on Sunday to eat it so I chose Saturday to prepare it ahead of time. ( FYI….. its a killer smelling it all day and not getting to eat it but well worth the wait! ) I then put it in the fridge for today. This morning I got it out and chose to take off all the fat that had jelled on top ( yay! I like this idea! ) and then reheated it in the crockpot on low so that when we got home it would be all ready for us. It worked out great! I’m going to start doing this for Sundays from now on! It was absolutely perfect and so easy too. Prep work people!

I season my Rump Roast with Daddy Hinkles seasoning ( it is gluten free thank the Lord!) only not the liquid. Then brown it in bacon grease and add to the crockpot. Add 1/2 cup of water, then either sweet potatoes and carrots or butternut squash and mushrooms. I also cut up a yellow onion and put it into the crockpot first before the roast so they get cooked really good. After its done I take out all the meat and vegs except the onion and use a emulsifier/blender ( I love mine!) to brake up all the onions and add in some potato starch to thicken it. Salt and pepper to your liking :) enjoy

Crockpot Wednesday’s

I was just thinking to myself this morning that Wednesdays are a great crockpot day because I can put dinner on in the morning and then put my mind to creating a delicious weekly dinner list that my husband would go all lovey dovey eyed for and then go grocery shopping for those items needed and come home to a awesome smelling home and a happy husband waiting for his first bite. Mid week grocery shopping is great! No crowds and mid week means you’ll have plenty for the week end. Plus Wednesday is church night here at our home and I do believe crockpots were made for Sundays and Wednesdays :) I was just wondering…….do you think that they were sent from heaven? ;)

Here is my recipe for a Paleo Crockpot Sunday or Wednesday Roast



Start off by marinating your Roast in Allegro Original Marinade over night.
In the morning put 1 Tb of real butter in a skillet and then add your roast to it and brown both sides. Don’t miss this step because it really helps your roast to stay together and not fall apart plus it just makes it taste so GREAT!

Cut up a onion into 1/4th’s and pull the layers apart and lay them in the bottom of your crockpot.
Add chopped celery, baby carrots next. As much as you want.

Add your roast on top of all those yummy veg’s.

We love sweet potatoes so I peeled 2 but should have added 4 peeled and cubed sweet potatoes. Add those sweet taters right smack on top of the roast…… Yep, I started smacking that roast with those sweet taters right along with my mouth at just the thought of it! 💋 Giggling…………

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