Butter Coffee?

Butter Coffee?.

Here is some great info about the correct coffee beans we should be using.


Chicken’s……….We Have Chicken’s!…..I’ve always wanted chickens! :)





Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we’ve finally made the decision to raise our very own chickens! I can’t tell you just how excited we are. They are so adorable and are already getting used to us. There little personality’s are already shining through. I can hardly wait for them to start following me around the yard. :) My husband Randy is building a new home for them as I type and I’m hoping they will feel and know our love for them ;) I know…. I know….their just chickens! BUT I love animals and even though we are raising them to have gluten free healthy yummy organic eggs they will be our pets too. ;) we have a tea cup poodle 3.6 pounds and I’m hoping they all get along well.
4-6 months and we’ll have our first eggs! More info to come ;)




I couldn’t be more happy ;)


Went to Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday. I LOVE IT! This store was tailor made for me and other Gluten allergen intolerance, Celiacs ;). Or anyone whole chooses to eat GMO free and organic ;) The staff is SO friendly and helpful. We had 6 different people help us throughout the store. Answered questions, if they didn’t know they went and asked to find out, looked for products. I’ve never in my whole life had such a wonderful time in a grocery store! 101 & Memorial. If I was a little girl, I would have been jumping up and down with glee while clapping my tiny hands :)


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