21 Day Church Fast 2017 What I’ve noticed differently about my life now that I’ve started a Fast of no social media.  

1: More time studying my bible.  2: More prayer time.  3: I feel relaxed.  4: I feel happy and loved.  5: I move around the house more but I have to say having two new puppies w…

Source: 21 Day Church Fast 2017 What I’ve noticed differently about my life now that I’ve started a Fast of no social media.  


21 Day Church Fast 2017 What I’ve noticed differently about my life now that I’ve started a Fast of no social media.  

1: More time studying my bible.
2: More prayer time.

3: I feel relaxed.

4: I feel happy and loved.

5: I move around the house more but I have to say having two new puppies would do that anyways.lol

Meet Ola and Olivia, our little girls.

6: My mind thinks on things that I want to think about. Not Facebook!

7: I find myself wanting to post a thought or what I’m doing or where I’m at. It’s become first nature to me and I don’t like that about myself. Facebook taught that to me. It’s time to stop and live my life freely and for myself.

8: I miss my blog. I miss writing.

9: I’ve been reading more books that I can hold instead of a blinding iPhone. This one was given to me by my best friend Rhonda. I love this book! ❤️

10: Speaking of blinding. My eyes have been feeling a little better. Not so strained or as dry.

11: On the down side. I can’t completely stay away from Facebook because other people bring it into my life by talking about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. I like the good, the funny and some info it can bring but I sure could do without the bad, ugly drama and the just plain stupid stuff. In the future I’m going to ask this husband of mine to fast social media with me. Lol

12: Facebook became my diary of sorts. Pictures, videos, albums, thoughts, sadness, happiness and some…. very few….. aggravations.

I have spouted off a few times on feelings of hurt and pain but then apologized and then deleted them. So, I’ve not been totally perfect on Facebook let’s make that clear. But overall, I feel like they’ve all been tucked away where I can’t see them. I miss my normal diary and photo albums. Where is my life?

On Facebook! I’ve made a mistake!

Note to self: Make photo albums.

13: Begin my blogging again. I just looked at my blog. I’m filled with so many emotions. Nothing for the last year and a half. Why? Two words. Breast Cancer. I had breast cancer and I couldn’t write about it. It was so personal, so horrible. So I stopped and just focused on getting well. I’m alive. ❣Thank you Jesus!

14: It’s Sunday morning and I’m in my rocking chair drinking my hot green tea. I feel Facebook pulling me. I say no and it still pulls. So I decided to record my thoughts. Time to pray through and remember I am in a fast. Get closer to the Lord and pray fervently for others. 🙏🏻

15: Talking more on texting.

16: Getting and making more cell calls ;) I’ve been reaching out to others and having real conversations. Some went well and some didn’t. I prayed and gave it to God. I trust Him to take care of it.

17: Had time to organize cabinets that have been on my mind to do.

18: It has changed my routine and I love it!

19: I’ve stopped watching Real Housewives. I have no desire or care one bit about them. I even took all of them out of my Twitter feed. Lol. I don’t want to watch someone else’s drama. I have had enough in my own life. No more!

20: There’s way more to life then social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all great forms of communication on all topics but I need to remember to put God, prayer, bible study and praise and worship first in my daily life.

21: I finished our Churches 21 day fast devotional @thechurch.at


God is good. God is faithful. God is love. Thank you Jesus for saving my life!

I hope this blog is encouraging you to take time to Fast Social Media. It will set you on a straight path back to your first love, Jesus and life …… real life.

Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.

Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it. This thought has been weighing heavy on my heart since my diagnosis. I’ve worked in oncology nearly my entire adult life. …

Source: Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.

Diary Carnival Cruise the Breeze Oct 12, 2013

It’s finally finished! This blog took me a while but it was worth it. Don’t let anyone convince you that we can not stay on a gluten free diet on vacation. I didn’t get sick once! I hope you all enjoy my Gluten Free Vacation Journey. 😊👏👏👏👏👏

Kathleen's Selah's / Kathleen's Kitchen

Saturday our first day. Plane ride was beautiful. The clouds were the prettiest I’ve ever seen in all my plane trips before, absolutely breathtaking and heavenly.


20131031-145044.jpgI could, in my own eyes, see all of heavens habitants looking down at the vision of beauty along with me. I felt closer to God at that moment. Randy sitting beside me, I was so excited to spend this vacation together…..we would spend this time alone.

20131031-145426.jpgWe hadn’t had a vacation alone in many years because we’d always go with friends or family. We have so many good memories of those times, some bad and sad ones too, unfortunately.
This vacation though would be just Randy and myself. We were so excited! We needed this time together. Check in on the Carnival Breeze was in two words, A Breeze 😊. Our room was on deck 10 Lido, balcony room 10282…..we were married in…

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Diary Of Our Carnival Cruise The Breeze – A Gluten Free Experience Oct 12, 2013

Saturday our first day. Plane ride was beautiful. The clouds were the prettiest I’ve ever seen in all my plane trips before, absolutely breathtaking and heavenly.


20131031-145044.jpgI could, in my own eyes, see all of heavens habitants looking down at the vision of beauty along with me. I felt closer to God at that moment. Randy sitting beside me, I was so excited to spend this vacation together…..we would spend this time alone.

20131031-145426.jpgWe hadn’t had a vacation alone in many years because we’d always go with friends or family. We have so many good memories of those times, some bad and sad ones too, unfortunately.
This vacation though would be just Randy and myself. We were so excited! We needed this time together. Check in on the Carnival Breeze was in two words, A Breeze 😊. Our room was on deck 10 Lido, balcony room 10282…..we were married in 1982 , we thought that was pretty cool.




We enjoyed our tour of the ship, lunch and then nap for me. Dinner was shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken, baked potato and ice cream. GF options are great, the restaurant allergen restriction waitress was very helpful. She comes the day ahead to get my order for breakfast and dinner. Then back to our room. 😔 I was sleepy. I give the dinner ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Second day. Sunday started out with a nice cup of coffee and a beautiful quite morning on our balcony together. It was breathtaking. Next was breakfast in the Blush dinning room at a table for two. 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, coffee.
Next was a nice tour of the outside of the ship. This ship is huge! And beautifully decorated in palm trees, oceanic decors.











20131031-150705.jpgThe colors green, blue, yellow, red. My favorite colors. This ship is by far the prettiest, biggest we’ve ever been on. I’m so excited because we’ll have the chance to really enjoy it this time. No agenda, just do what we want when we want too. Total relaxation. After our walk about we found a quite perfect spot to lay on a lounge and listen to the ocean waves and watch it go by as the ship pushed its way closer to our destination, Saint Thomas.

20131031-151248.jpgI read and Randy listens to his iTunes list. ( Randy has his ear buds in…. It’s sprinkling…. Randy yells ” it looks like we’re going to have a rain shower!” I think he’s talking to the people to my left about 15 loungers down from us and look to them for a reply and they in turn look at our direction with no response. I then look to Randy and he gives me that question mark looking face and I start to giggle cause I realized he doesn’t know how loud he just said that till he takes out his earbuds and I tell him what he’d done….. We get the giggles and can’t quit laughing at him. He’s a hoot this man of mine. It was really nice watching him relax. Although I think it was a little hard on him to stay still that long. It was good for him, he works so hard. ;) it started to rain so we came up to our room and I took a nap while Randy did another walk about. It was a win, win situation. He needed the walk and I needed the nap ….lol. By the time he got back I was up and getting ready for our first formal night. I wore red and black and felt pretty. :) We decided to have some pics made. I hope they turned out good. If not we’ll be doing them again. Lol

20131031-151518.jpgDinner was lobster, shrimp, salad and the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! Dessert was chocolate melting cake and ice cream. ;) all GLUTEN FREE ;) I give dinner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌝
Then off to the first big show of the cruise. It was pretty good although the men out sang the ladies that’s for sure. After that we came to our room to get into our comfy clothes and went out to watch the Dive In Movie. What a perfect way to end our day. The moon above us, a nice glass of red wine, a comfy spot to lounge and watch a movie and relax. This is by far already our favorite cruise and it’s just the second day. I’m off to sleep now in the wonderful rocking bed with the love of my life. Note to self: buy a blanket like this one. 😊
Day 3 Monday
Randy brought me some coffee and when he came in I happened to be in the bathroom in the dark ….. Peeeeing….. He turns the corner and looks into the bathroom and can’t see because of night blindness from coming in out of the bright sunshine. He says are you in here? I’m quite as a mouse… He looks like a deer in headlights. Turning his head this way and that way and saying again…. Are you in here?….. I’m quite for a few more seconds and when I’m sure he’s convinced I’m not there I say BOO! And he jumps! HA! We both get the giggles but me more then him….. I can’t stop laughing… I can’t breath and all of a sudden I snort! And start laughing again! I couldn’t get the look of his blinded searching eyes out of my mind and me loudly says BOO! HA! 😄 I wish I had a pic of that to insert here! LOL…sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

Woke up to a beautiful day! Coffee on the balcony with this husband of mine. Then off to have breakfast. We just happened to sit next to a couple that Randy had meet on a FB Carnival Breeze group page that were some divers….. What a quink ka dink….. They had a very nice conversation about diving and such.
Then back to our room to change into out deck clothes get our bag ready and head out to find our spot for the day. It was already filling up but we ended up with a nice spot under shelter from the sun AND rain that came in later that afternoon. People on this cruise have been so friendly and mostly American 😊
Our cabin is always cleaned early which is the way we like it. We have a very sweet young woman taking care of us and our room. No cleaning for me this week…… Btw…. I wish I had a maid at home, this is such a blessing. We got the chance to look at our formal pics from last night. We love them❤️❤️


Relief! I was afraid I’d hate them because of all this weight gain but surprisingly loved them ❤️
This has got to be the most relaxing cruise we’ve ever been on. I’m going to remember this one forever!
Our room is so easy to get to from the main lido deck. That’s a plus in our books and hoping to continue to book them in this spot in the future. Time for another nap……

Dinner in the Blush Dinning Room, lower level, table 572. My Restaurant Hostess is so sweet and very helpful. She provides me with new GF Menu options. Our waiter has become very annoyed with the chief because my dinner has always been very late and to be truthful a little upsetting for me because I have been so hungry and waiting has been a little worrisome because I get motion sick easily. It’s best to keep food on my stomach and not being able to eat bread means I’m stuck drinking lots of water and waiting. Hopefully tomorrow nights service from the chief will be better.
Tonight’s dinner was VERY GOOD…. And because of that I’ll let the lateness go. 😊 My starter was a delicious bowl of pumpkin soup ” note to self, look up recipe for pumpkin soup to make at home “. Then a nice dinner salad, again “NTS , I love cucumbers and I want to try making ribbon carrots for our salads at home.” Dinner was a GF Pasta Seafood Dish with claims, scallops, calamari, shrimp and salmon. It had the most delicious red sauce I’ve ever eaten and was the best GF dish I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! I hope to have a chance to eat it again!
Next up was a GF Cheese Cake with a whip cream and strawberry topping on the side which was great because I love whipped cream 👏👏👏 it was wonderfully delightfully light and not to sweet or too rich. Just perfect for me.

Tonight’s dinner gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌞 I want a do over but on time.

20131031-155402.jpgAfter dinner we sat outside at the Ocean Plaza across from the coffee bar Plaza Cafe and a band that was performing and drawing quit the crowd. They were pretty good. We enjoyed an after dinner glass of red wine and relaxed with our feet up.



20131031-160616.jpgWe became people watchers and to our surprise was entertained by the little jigs people were doing as they passed the band playing. People are a HOOT! Some people can really let lose and let there boogie take hold of their bodies. We laughed and laughed! What a nice way to end a perfect day. Off to bed now. 🌔 tomorrow promises to be awesome! Saint Thomas here we come!

Day 4 Tuesday and Saint Thomas 😄❤️
Breakfast was a spinach mushroom and cheese omelet
at the omelet bar. GF of course

20131031-160853.jpg😊 Was pretty good. Will probably do that instead of eating in the restaurant again. It takes to long.
We got our beach gear together and headed out to sapphire beach where we were to meet up with a friend of ours who lives on Saint Thomas and works at the hospital there in recovery. Randy had first met her on a dive from red hook. He’s made a few friends there over the years since becoming a Padi diver. This year though he didn’t dive in ST but instead stayed with me so we could go to Sapphire Beach. Lucky me😊 we were to call Sharon when we got there. While waiting for her we were able to take gorgeous pictures of the beach. I’m hoping they turn out good so I can make them in to a 8 by 10 and frame it and add it to our collection on our bedroom wall. This beach was absolutely beautiful. Not over populated and only had two people come to offer us their wares. The water felt wonderful although I only got in twice because I could feel my skin burning even though I put on sunscreen. So I opted to stay in the shade and enjoy the view. Glorious view! I felt like raising my hands up high and giving God Praise. As I walked along the beach I kept telling the Lord thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you Father God. Some how I sensed it was all for me. So special my time with him.







Be still my heart! This man of mine is still so hunky! Yummy…..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 ❤️❤️
When I returned to my chair I was surrounded by small ducks. They were adorable and for some reason comforted me with their presence. I miss our chickens at home. I know…. It’s silly but I do. I also was greeted by a big lizard that the local islanders had named Godzilla because he was so big and old.


20131101-141030.jpgNot to long after my return to my lounge chair Sharon came and I finally got the chance to meet her face to face.

20131101-142002.jpgAfter all these years of talking by Facebook I felt like I really got to know her. She’s quit the talker and spoke with us as though we’d known each other for years. Well in a way we did seeing that we are all pretty much open books on our FB’s. Lol. We were enjoying our time together on the beach when all of a sudden a friend of Sharon’s came and brought us all bushwackers which is a rum, and chocolate frozen icy drink. It…. Was…. GREAT! And no we didn’t get drunk. ;/ FYI….I do not know if it was GF or not….I guess I was just taking a chance….lol

20131101-142112.jpgRandy and Sharon both went snorkeling and enjoyed them selves while I took another quick dip in the ocean…… Heavenly. 😇 After their return and we talked some more and drying off Sharon offered to show us her home and then take us back to our ship. Her home sat way up high looking over St Thomas, Megan’s Bay and we could also see Saint Johns and Tortola what a view!






20131101-145004.jpgShe’s a lucky lady. Her home was very comfy and of course had oceanic decor. She had a conch shell the was cut off on one end and showed us how to blow in it. Now I want Randy to cut ours off so we can blow in ours 😉 I can now have a picture of her in my minds eye of her laying in her hammock relaxing and enjoying her very own personal view.


20131101-145511.jpgAfter a tour of her home she took us to our ship and we parted with hugs and see ya next time. I’d have to say this trip to saint Thomas was my all time very favorite and most relaxing. I loved it!
After returning to our room we got a little snack, showered and rested before dinner. Awwwwww, no rushing, no worrying about other people, no making plans to meet up, just Randy and I doing our own thing. In all the cruises we’ve done throughout the years this was the second one that would be just him and I. It has been perfect in every way. Relaxing, full of love, laughter and playing. We couldn’t be happier.

20131101-150125.jpgDinner for me was potato soup, a wonderful salad of spinach, bacon, portabella mushrooms, blue cheese. I want to make a replica of this salad and add either salmon or chicken with it after we get home and the best Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes I’ve ever in my entire life have eaten. I wish I could have the recipe!!! Then to top it off chocolate melting cake and vanilla ice cream. All GF of course 💖 I give this dinner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❤️
It was all delicious but I should have stopped halfway through dessert because I got way to full and pretty much ruined me for the rest of the night. We ended up going to sleep at 9:10 but we needed our sleep for the next day. Antigua was our next stop and Randy had diving on his mind. Lol.

Day 5 Wednesday Antigua
We slept very well. Got up to Randy bringing me my morning coffee and enjoying our balcony time. Gosh I love this man of mine. I could tell he was excited for his day of diving.

20131101-150425.jpgWe separated for the day with me planting kisses all over his face and telling him to be careful and to come back to me. I love you’s were said and off he went.
I got myself packed up for deck time and writing and reading, picture taking and relaxation. I walked around ship trying to find the best place to plant myself down and ended up finding a nice shady quite cushioned spot with a beautiful view. Took some pics, sat down got my self comfortable and began to write.

20131101-150655.jpgI had noticed a man laying in a chair slumped in a way that made me think he was sleeping but I was quite and stayed to myself. Little by little I noticed he was acting a little strange. He got up and I didn’t pay much attention to him. He ended up leaving and then returning to sit on a couch in front of me and this time he had a alcoholic drink and a coffee! This should have been my first tip to get up and move but I just kept on writing. He kept mumbling and I just tried to ignore him. Mistake! All of a sudden he reaches for his drink knocks it over and it all comes flinging at me and runs all over my shoes!


20131101-151525.jpgThank The Lord I has since enough to grab my bag and lift it up or it would have been covered in a Bahoma Mama! He began trying to apologize and not able to make any since at all managed to get up with his cup of coffee and wobbling to the edge of the railing leaned on it trying to look like he wasn’t drunk, tried to drink his coffee when all of a sudden he dropped his coffee mug over board! Lol. He mumbled something then left as fast as he could leaving behind his hat and wallet. Yes, I did take pics. Lol.

20131101-151616.jpgAnd with that I had to pick up and move to a new location but not before having to find a place to wash off my shoes!
So now I’m sitting in my new place and low and behold here he comes walking by me, stops and looks at me like I know you then decides to walk on….. Thank God! Now it’s time to move again. 😣 I’m changing decks!
Ok, so I’m hungry but don’t want to wait in line…. Walking by a ice cream machine I think to myself… Why not? Yes I did! I had ice cream for breakfast 👏👏👏. I found the perfect spot to relax and write and read. Your not going to believe this but he found me again, stopped, turned around and went back down stairs while looking up at me. I’m wondering if he wants to ask me where his hat and wallet or phone is…… Hum. 😄 I think I’ll read for awhile and enjoy this time alone. 1:00 comes and I expect Randy sometime soon so I head back to the room. Everything has been so easy on this ship. I love lido deck and it’s a accessibility to our room. When I return I decide to lay down and close my eyes. The next thing I know I wake up and it’s 2:30! Randy’s not back yet so I decide to wait for him on our balcony and low and behold I look down and there he is waving up at me!


20131101-151747.jpgYahoo! He’s back! We decide to do a little shopping and ended up coming back with t-shirts for the grands and Randy and a charm for my bracelet collection and a little purse for me. What a great day and it’s not even over yet. 😊
Tonight’s dinner was wonderfully delicious. We both think that this cruise has had the best food out of all the cruises we’ve been on.
I got pea soup, omgoodness it was the best ever! A nice dinner salad and the the main course was steak with a wonderful beef gravy and a sweet potato. Dessert was cheese cake with whipped cream. All GF of course. I give this dinner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️ After dinner we went to watch Iron Man 2 on the deck then ended our night on our balcony to look at the island of Saint Kitts as we floated by and what a beautiful view of the moon we had.


20131101-152011.jpgSo romantic! It was a wonderful way to end our day.
Day 6 Tortola
Up and Adam! Randy’s excited for his dive. Packing, eating and on his way. We kiss and he’s on his way. I pack up for the day find myself a perfect spot for the day. I go to the serenity deck which is on deck 15! And relax in a big round couch with pillows and a half shell canopy. Nice….. I thought. Man it is hot up here plus no breeze and I only stay for one chapter in my book and I’m off too find another cushioned chair and foot stool in the shade Yeah Me! I found one ;)


20131101-153319.jpgGot myself another awesome omelet with mushrooms tomatoes spinach and a side of prunes…… Yup I need the prunes. A nice cup of coffee my book and I disappear into the world of A Canyon Springs Courtship by Glynna Kaye.
What a wonderful morning. I end up getting hot and get myself a big cup of chocolate ice cream and head back to our room to watch a movie, The Peoples, I brought on my Kindle fire. It was pretty funny.
Randy gets back earlier this time about 12:30 and we decide to go look for a charm in town but no luck. I myself didn’t care for Tortola, next time I’m staying on ship. The shopping areas not covenant enough for me and a long way to walk in the heat of the day. It pretty much kicked my fanny. I ended up coming back and showering and taking a long nap.
Tonight is the captains cocktail party for gold, platinum and diamond cards. We are gold cards and wondering how many more days till we get our platinum card 👏👏👏 were going go find out soon. Champagne and some kind of sweet fruity drinks and horderves are served. Music and Dancing begins and martigraw beads are given out. It was fun. The Blush dinning room was next and my dinner was a bowl of mushroom soup, a nice salad with honey mustard dressing and Red Snapper with a sweet potato side dish and green beans. Dessert again was cheese cake. I give this dinner ⭐️⭐️ Because it was just ok.
We decided to stay in our room and watch a movie. We ended up watching the Peoples again cause Randy hadn’t seen it yet.
Then a little balcony time looking at the moon stairs and water.



20131101-153750.jpgI love how you can see the curve of the earth. How can anyone not believe in God. What a magnificent vision before me. I feel so close to God and I start to say the Our Father Prayer and then recite the 23rd Psalm. I feel like I could spend the night communicating with the Lord all evening BUT then Randy comes out puts his hand on my shoulder and scares me so bad I jump….. Thank the Lord I didn’t jump over board! Haha! Well at least if I had I would have already had Gods attention! HA!
We enjoyed our time together star watching and listening to the lido deck party. 😘😘 tomorrow is a day at sea… Oh happy day!

Day 7 Day at Sea 😄
Randy saved our seats in my favorite spot for our day. Love this man of mine! Wake up time with coffee and watching Cheers on the big screen. I miss this show. I’m going to start watching it on Hulu. :) Randy spends his time logging his dives while I take this time to write. More later. It’s time read 😉
The music is loud but were still enjoying our spot. They have games going on and line dancing and fun is amuck lol.
Today’s gf lunch is a cheese burger no bun and fries. Later chocolate ice cream and later again a Busk Wacker ( thanks Sharon for introducing me to those lol )


20131101-154124.jpgLove those! Who says we can’t stay gf on a cruise ship. No more worries for me!
Later we needed quite time so we headed down to deck 5 to our other favorite spot. Loungers right in front of glass windows to look at the ocean and waves.

20131101-154544.jpg I watched a movie on my kindle fire and Randy enjoyed his iTunes playlist…… Till it started to sprinkle then we came into our room. Rest and then off for our second formal night. Randy surprised me tonight with a special dinner at the Farinhight Steak House 555 $35 a person but it was worth it!










20131101-155226.jpgTiger Shrimp Cocktail, spinach mushroom bacon blue cheese salad, Lobster and a potato side dish. Dessert was two chocolate gf cakes with special ice cream that I can’t explain but I can tell you it was very good! The service was perfect and impeccable and faultless.
Tonight were enjoying another late night Dive in Movie Real Steal, we all love a good robot movie don’t we? 😉 I know this past two days have been a bit boring to write about. It’s been very uneventful but so,so relaxing. This has been our most favorite cruise out of all 10 cruises. I can’t tell you how many times I told Randy I wasn’t going on another cruise again because it was just to exhausting for me. I think he’s convinced that 3 days at sea is a winner in our books! Yeah! Tomorrow is Nassau 👏👏👏👏 and I’m a happy camper…. I mean cruiser 😊 I’ve wanted to come back to Nassau since our first time here. In fact it was our first cruise! I always wanted to go to the pink Atlantice resort. Wait till you see the pics!










20131101-160511.jpgDay 8 Nassau
Well it was to be expected. Beautiful but HOT! We did allot of sight seeing and walking and picture taking.
The aquarium was a little disappointing I expected a lot more. I wanted to see dolphins but wasn’t able to find them, that place is huge! Went to the beach and on entering it the waves came in and knocked me down…..rolled me around…..hurt my hip and lower back. :( although the cool water was very comforting. We didn’t stay to long after that. I was ready to leave. I feel like, well, I’ve always wanted to be here and now I have and so now I’m over it. I don’t care to go back. :/ After returning to our ship we showered rested and then decided to not go to the main dining room to have our dinner because we didn’t want to waste any time on our last day on the ship. Waiting two hours in the dining room for dinner just wasn’t what we wanted to do so we decided to eat from the buffet. We were able to get two of our favorite cushioned seats so that we could watch the last movie on the big screen for the night, enjoy the sea air, the sound of the oceans waves, the motion of the ship…..together. 😘😘 The weather was perfect and to top it off we had a beautiful Blood orange moon! Later that night we packed up for our departure in the morning.




Day 9: Homeward bound. Home Sweet Home Where The Farnsworth’s Roam. 😊
We decided to take the self assist off the ship so we could be the first ones off. Self assist is keeping your own luggage and taking it down with you instead of setting it out the night before and having to wait to get off the ship and then searching for your luggage. It worked great! We’ll be doing this from now on. 😊 Everything went so smoothly, cab drive, airport, transfers, seats, but it made for a long day of waiting in the airport. All in all……we gave this cruise 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Number 1 in our book of Cruises, the best, most loved, most relaxing, most time spent together alone, favorite. 💗 We want a do over.


The Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Final update

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Update 10: Very bad 8 days but I’m on the mend. 😊

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Update 9……the biopsy

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Update 8

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Update 7

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!.

Update 6 Day 10

The Celiac Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!

Day 4- Still constipated……did have black poop again……finally! Had two pieces of toast with butter and grape jelly. Noticeable burning around and in my mouth and under my nose. Stomach bubbling. Today the shaking and Anxiety has returned. My mind seems to be getting foggy and I am wanting to stay home…..alone….quite…..not wanting to talk….withdrawn

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I’ve titled this blog ” The Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Diagnoses ……I told you I didn’t feel good! ” Why you ask? Let me start from the beginning……My whole life I’ve had issues with allergy’s….undiagnosed allergy’s. I can still hear my mother say, all you did was cough all night long. I constantly had to clear my throat all day and night long, just like my mother had done and still does today. Not only that but I had a hard time when I was in grade school concentrating and comprehending what was being taught. I also remember having anxiety although I was so young I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I remember also not being able to wear perfume like all my girlfriends did. For some reason I couldn’t stand the smell and I could taste it and it also burnt my mouth and nose. I also…

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Protected by a Wall of Fire

Protected by a Wall of Fire.

The Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Diagnoses…….. I told you I didn’t feel good!


I’ve titled this blog ” The Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Diagnoses ……I told you I didn’t feel good! ” Why you ask? Let me start from the beginning……My whole life I’ve had issues with allergy’s….undiagnosed allergy’s. I can still hear my mother say, all you did was cough all night long. I constantly had to clear my throat all day and night long, just like my mother had done and still does today. Not only that but I had a hard time when I was in grade school concentrating and comprehending what was being taught. I also remember having anxiety although I was so young I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I remember also not being able to wear perfume like all my girlfriends did. For some reason I couldn’t stand the smell and I could taste it and it also burnt my mouth and nose. I also began to have depression but then again I didn’t know what that was or why I was feeling that way. I also had constipation, I’d go for a week or more before having a bowel movement. I suffered daily with migraines and then again I thought this was ” normal ” and I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I learned to live with it because I thought it was all ” normal. ” As I grew into adulthood, becoming a wife and mother I did all the things a woman would do. I took care of my husband, children and home and loved every moment but along the way I suffered still with all these things I’ve mentioned and then some……The migraines got worse and along with them dizziness and nausea, I began to get adult acne, weight gain and the depression got worse, suicide thoughts came and went…..thank God they went! I called out to God for help daily and he was always there. 😇 I pressed on…….. And on….and on. Then one day my stomach started something new. I began having acid reflux, it was terrible! I also had a gnawing irritable feeling in my stomach constantly, the feeling that I was hungry but I wasn’t. This went on for years but along with that came diarrhea 4-5 times a day and the worst abdominal charlie horse like cramps that would put me in a flat on my back stretch and I’d have to push inward on my stomach in a flat second with a most ugly painful look on my face! It got so bad at one point that my husband was getting embarrassed in public with me because of what I’d have to do to make it go away. It began to get worse, my body hurt so bad from inflammation that I could hardly walk across a room. My feet were so painful to walk on. The muscles in my body felt so weak and sore. I began to sleep allot. I could hardly keep up with my home cleaning, just a little bit everyday was all I could handle. I never in my entire life felt as bad as I did then. I didn’t say anything to my family but I truly thought I was going to die. I went to my doctor who had been working with me to try and help me feel better. She put me on a depression and anxiety medicine, a hormone cream and sent me on my way…….It didn’t help. I went back and she did blood work which we had been watching because my white blood count had been very high for the last few ” YEARS”….hellloooooooo……. Anyways, she began to consider other problems, one of them leukemia, which is in my family. Well now that was a scare but at least it might have been an answer. So off to a Hematologist I went. Now if you have never been to a cancer clinic before let me tell you it was scary! When it was all said and done……blood work up done, clinic tour completed, next appointment made and walking out of the building side by side with my husband both of us in shock…….getting into the car and driving to get something to eat, we both sit in the booth starring at each other and both saying…..it’s going to be just fine…..it’s not going to be leukemia…… And then realizing the BIG possibility that it could be……lets not tell the kids…..lets not tell anyone till the test results are in……then we both began to cry……….it took forever to get the test results back! Thank God I did not have leukemia! That was over……BUT…..they couldn’t figure out what was making me so sick! They blamed it on my thyroid……ya know…..everything gets blamed on the troublesome thyroid! ( insert sarcasm here ) and eye rolling! So back to the den corner sectional I went because I couldn’t do anything! I was afraid to leave the house for very long because I would have to run to the bathroom…..and most times not make it in time…… When we would go out for dinner I would have to get up in the middle of dinner to hit the toilet and end up spending half the time in the bathroom….. My mother or kids would always come in and check on me…..I was so embarrassed! Or on the way home I’d be telling my husband to hurry because I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold it! Then something new started happening to me, my eyes began to go blurry, my mind began to go fuzzy, I couldn’t concentrate at all, I couldn’t remember things like I normally could do. Even grocery shopping began to be a problem for me. I began to be so anxious that I couldn’t and didn’t want to go or do anything without my husband being with me and helping me. It was terrible! I had hit the bottom and had no where but The Lord to turn too. I began to hear The Lord tell me to go on Gods Diet like I had done before about 7 years ago. Gods diet was what he had told me to eat back then which was all fish and veg and fruit. Now I heard him but I didn’t do it. I know…..I should have listened but I chose not to. I did however start to eat better but I still was eating all gluten products like whole wheat bread, cereal, and of course gluten is in everything now days even spices and makeup, body lotions, hair shampoos, toothpaste, detergent, ect. Now of course I didn’t know anything about GLUTEN or GLUTEN FREE or CELIAC. Until one day I remember a friend telling me she thought I might be celiac…..what? what’s Celiac? I started doing some research on what that was and was shocked to read all the symptoms……it was me…to a T….. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! This could be my answer! I remember my husband coming home one day after talking to this same friend after he had completed their job. She had told him about going gluten free and how it had helped her and she thought I should do the same thing. My husband Randy wanted me to try it and I had just decided that day that I was going too ;) Going gluten free has its challenges…I wont lie….I did allot of looking up what has gluten in it, what I could eat, what I couldn’t eat, I spent allot of time in the grocery store……so much time with my little book that I think I made the office people nervous because at two different locations on different days I had them come and inspect what I was writing about! haha I guess they thought I was a spy shopper or something…..lol. Anyways…I did my homework! Well it only took a couple of days for me to start to see a difference…… OH HAPPY DAY, OH HAPPY DAAAAAYYYYY 😊 little by little I started to see and feel a difference. My stomach started to feel better, my bathroom trips started slowing down ( that right there was enough to shout Praise God over and over a million times over! ) my body pain started to lesson, I was walking across the room with less pain, my mind was getting clearer and my vision was much, much better! Over the course of the last 8 months of being gluten free with the exception of an occasional gluten contamination from going out to eat….. (and now theres a whole new blog to write about….) I feel that I am almost at a 💯% I still struggle with the same issues when I get exposed to the dreaded gluten. I feel the only safe way to stay gluten free is to eat at home 💯 % of the time but that’s not reality. We all love to go out to eat, go on vacations, eat at family and friends homes so I have to be very careful and sometimes put my trust in others to help keep me from getting sick…….I have to put my whole trust in God to take care of me. 😇
So…..onward I go. Yesterday I had my first Dr. Apt with a Gastroenterologist. I have to tell you I was so scarred he wouldn’t believe me or listen. I’ve been sick for so long asking for help from doctors and them not listening to me that I had pretty much lost all confidence in them. BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was very willing to listen to all I had to tell him, agreeing with me the whole time, even telling me that it sounded like I had correctly self diagnosed my sickness……YAHOOOOOOO He heard me! He understood me! Next step is….What? I have to start eating gluten again?!!!!!! He wants to do an upper and lower GI plus a Biboop….Biboop biboopsy……{ sorry a little My Big Fat Greek Wedding Just came out of me….LOL } biopsy and some kind of special blood work up the day of the procedure. It will all be documented and put in my health history for myself and my children and grandchildren. At first I was thinking NO WAY AM I EVER GOING BACK ON GLUTEN! But then when he said for my children and grandchildren that thought all went away. It’s only two weeks…..I’ve lived my whole life feeling this way, I can handle two more weeks right…..I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. :)
Confession time: So, I’m on my way to my moms apartment after my Dr. Appointment, I’ve already called and given the news to my husband and I’ve got time to think and process what I’m about to do. I feel so anxious and my mind starts to play back the memories of before gluten free…..not only the bad BUT the good……like Mexican food, hamburgers and fries…..donuts and chocolate cake! All the things I haven’t eaten or even wanted! BUT now I’m remembering the Dr say eat a burger, eat the bread…. Eat the pasta……I’m nervous but to be truthful…a little excited! I’m about to eat some chocolate cake! Some real chocolate cake! ……I haven’t yet but I’m planning too. ;) Ok, I’m about to drive up to get my mom, I’m taking her to lunch and were eating Mexican food. Here goes: I eat it….I’m thinking to myself ” I know I’m going to jump up any minute and run to the bathroom but you know what? I didn’t! I was shocked! I didn’t even get a sick tummy right off the bat! what?! An hour goes by and I start to feel the bathroom need…..but it’s normal….hum….now I’m starting to think what if I’m wrong and its not the gluten?! Next up: Randy and I go out to dinner and we decide pasta is on the menu. I get my favorite Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp and I have one piece of Toast with the bruschetta as an Appetizer…….hum? Tummy still not feeling like its going to Explode……..I’m shocked! Although I do have bloating and some discomfort around my esophagus…..the Acid reflux begins. This morning for Breakfast I have two eggs over easy two pieces of whole wheat toast and butter and jelly….= two bathroom trips but it was normal. Lunch was a Cheeseburger and french fries= 2 more bathroom trips and it becomes very loose. And then my stomach starts the normal water bubbling noises it has always made as it runs through its race course to reach……the bottom! Have I said to much? Am I giving to much info here? TMI…… I think not….I want to share this experience with other Celiac’s, Gluten intolerant, people. We need each other for comfort in a time of confusion about our bodies and what is making us sick and killing us before our time. I’m on day two of this two week journey of gluten exposure. I plan to continue on with this blog as I feel it is necessary. Please remember me in your prayers as I’m sure it’s going to get worse as the days go on.
Day 3- Went to Red Lobster and got an old favorite, Parrot Coconut Shrimp and yes I did eat a garlic cheese biscuit but only one because I have found that bread in my mouth and going down my throat is not pleasant. :( weird. Anyways, I enjoyed the shrimp but after about four of them my stomach started to hurt and I could feel an uncomfortable burn in my throat so I stopped. After coming home I went straight to the bathroom only to realize that I am very CONSTIPATED! And that my poop was now BLACK. Am I reverting to pre- diarrhea? I’m so confused right now and I don’t know what to think! I’ve been GF for 8 months and have been feeling like I’m a different person…..almost normal…..healing……what’s happening to my body right now? I’m afraid.
Confession time: went and had chocolate cake with ice cream…….have to admit it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be……..got tummy ache and burning in my throat.
Day 4- Still constipated……did have black poop again……finally! Had two pieces of toast with butter and grape jelly. Noticeable burning around and in my mouth and under my nose. Stomach bubbling. Today the shaking and Anxiety has returned. My mind seems to be getting foggy and I am wanting to stay home…..alone….quite…..not wanting to talk….withdrawn………………….
Day 5- We decided to go have breakfast this morning at a local Family owned restaurant named Shilos. We haven’t been there in at least 8 months since they don’t have a Gluten Free Menu and I’m worried about cross contamination. I got 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns, biscuit and sausage gravy. It was brought to me, set in front of me and I had this fear come over me just like all the other times that I’ve eaten along this self glutening torture. Little by little I ate…….till I just couldn’t do it anymore. I only finished half of it…..fear winning this round. It was going to be a great day, spending it with my husband and running around doing some shopping…… I thought…..we didn’t plan this out very good……should have done shopping first then gone to eat so I could have been home before the diarrhea finally hit instead of in the middle of the store! Running then coming to a complete stop…..clenching……pleading with God to help me make it to the bathroom on the other side of the store……then taking baby steps…..and then finally making it with a full on bodily flush………….. Only day 5…………..God help me!

Update 6-
Day 10….. Blah…….I’m in a mood this morning. I hate this feeling. My belly feels very hard, bloated. My neck is all broke out with pimples. My skin feels all bumpy on my face and neck. Flattering image huh.


Ok I do have a funny to tell you, maybe it’ll put a smile on my face just telling y’all about it and a blush because it will be one of those TMI stories….LOL

So, yesterday was another mother daughter day….love those days…. Anyways, we always go out for lunch and then do some shopping. Below is a pic of my momma :)


Scene 1: We’re eating lunch, I’ve chosen fried in flour fish and chips from the lunch menu at Red Lobster knowing full well I’ll be hitting the toilet in 30 mins.
My mother bless her heart says to me……..honey you may need to start wearing adult diapers………my face blanches because there’s a loooooong table of MEN to the right of me who I know MUST have heard her say that. Then she proceeds to tell me how she always keeps Pads in her purse just in case she needs them.

Scene 2: I’m driving to Walmart….must be my place to ” unload lately ” I’m not even in the store yet and I’m telling my mom I’ve got to go straight to the bathroom and for her to go to the Pharmacy and get her medicine then wait for me out front of the bathroom and I’ll be out when I’m done.

Scene 3: So I’m on the pot…..my tummy is not happy and neither am I. My sweet dear mother comes in and YELLS…..Kathleen?! DO YOU NEED A PAD? I’m so embarrassed and I think to myself…..MOM! And then, I wish I could disappear…..then I think, I hope these woman are all gone by the time I’m done…..I hope no one sees my face…….Then I say…..No mom……she leaves……thank God!

Scene 4: A few minutes later I get a call on my cell from guess who……yup my momma. ;) she wants to know if we need to go home, I tell her no just give me a few more minutes and for her to go on shopping and I’ll call her when I’m done. Thank God she called me instead of hollering into the bathroom…… :/

Later that evening I’m telling my husband about it and were both laughing because now that its over its funny…….sort of. :/
He says its just your mommas way of taking care of her baby girl…….and I say Yeah…..a 51 year old baby…… Who she thinks needs to wear diapers again and now that I think about it…..she has a good point!

Yesterday I got a call from the endoscopy billing office. They said my insurance deductible hadn’t been met yet and I’d need to be prepared to pay $950.00 the day of my procedure. Man!!! I hadn’t thought about that. So I started to rethink this whole deal. Should I or shouldn’t I? Do I really need to have this diagnosed? Does it really matter? It doesn’t matter to me if it comes back positive or negative …… I’m NEVER eating gluten again! So, when Randy got home from work we talked about it and decided to go ahead with the testing. RATS! For a minute there I thought I was going to get to stop eating gluten and start feeling better again……..4 more days of gluten then 1 day of no food, blood testing and prep….oh the dreaded prep day and then the next day is the day I start my life over again. I can hardly wait!
Update 8-
Something I realize that I haven’t mentioned during this two weeks………I’ve had some kind of rash or allergic reaction to something. I’m not sure if its the gluten or something else. All I know is that it burns, itches, tingles all over my body. It seems to come in waves also meaning it gets better but not completely gone then it gets worse again. I truly feel like I’ve been tortured for two weeks. :(

I had to go in this morning to do a blood test…..they took 5 Vials of blood. Thank goodness needles and blood don’t bother me EXCEPT if its my husbands or kids then I faint! Haha
Today is my day to not eat, only have clear liquids, and do my body flush ………it’s also the day that I’ve decided to clean out my two refrigerators……….hum….something seems wrong about that doesn’t it. :/
I need to share how I’ve been feeling emotionally. I feel like I’ve been on a emotional roller coaster. I’m so worried that my test will come back and say I’m not celiac or that I don’t have a gluten problem. If it does then what’s wrong with me? After all these years of being sick and then going gluten free for 8 months and feeling GREAT why would I be so worried about the test results? Do I need validity? Do I need proof? Yes…..yes I do. One way or the other……….I need to know. Tomorrows the day for the procedure 👏👏👏👏 😊 and my life of living gluten free begins again. Oh Happy Day 😇

Update 9
It’s all over…… Thank God! Test results from biopsy won’t be back for a couple of weeks.
Did find out I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Acid Reflux with an Ulcer plus Inflammation in the stomach………. I’m not surprised at all.
On a good note, no Polyps or tumors….. Thank God!

Below are the pics of the procedure. I don’t know if this is really necessary but I figure for people who would like to know what it looks like and this is a blog about a diagnoses it would be important to the ones who are suffering and need to know info.





Now back to the day of the bowel prep…..that stuff they make you drink…..OMGOSH! It’s terrible going in and a million times worse coming out! Just Sayin………plus……here’s some TMI……my poor bottom burned like pure acid was flowing out. Couldn’t get off the pot for 1-1/2 hours. I ended up using Vaseline over and over to help protect the skin. It helps a little so remember to have a bottle when starting this.
Next morning I had to do it all over again…..and then the Charlie horse like spasms began and I thought I was going to die! That’s the IBS kicking in! I had those right up to when they were about to wheel me in for the procedure. I was glad to be knock out!
While waking up you will notice that you are passing gas ” from both ends ” Embarrassing! BUT I had the sweetest older male nurse, I said Oh Excuse me….and he said now honey that’s all normal and this is the right place to do it. ;) LOL So…..I let them rip! HA! I was so worried that I was going to have an accident in my pants and he said he had the perfect panties for that and then brought me…..You know what Im going to say don’t ya…….an adult pull up diaper…….my momma was right. :/ But I sure did feel secure and wasn’t afraid to go out for breakfast with my husband afterwards. I liked them so much I think I’m going to go buy some for emergencies…..HA! Again, my momma was right.
Randy brought me home and I went to bed and slept the day away.
Today I’m feeling some soreness in my lower abdomen and I’m taking it easy. All in all….after all is said and done, I’m glad I did it. Now, in saying that, yesterday morning I was thinking that I must have been crazy to put myself through this and thought I might have made a mistake but now I’m really glad I did it and so glad it’s over. Yesterday I started back on my Gluten Free eating and I’m NEVER going back!
7-10 days and I’ll find out about the Celiac Disease biopsy report. 4 biopsy’s in all. Doctor did put me on 40 mg of Prilosec every day so that should start to heal my stomach ulcer and help with the Acid reflux.
Now……to start the healing process. ;)
I’m going to eat clean…… Lean protein,vegetables, fruit.

Update 10: A
Where to start on this update…….. First thing to come to my mind is (depression)…..(then migraine) day 3 of a migraine. This is my account of what I’ve been experiencing since the upper and lower G.I. procedure. Diarrhea…..never ending diarrhea. My abdomen is so sore. My body still itches, it feels like little needles. My mind is confused at times, I’m very quiet, withdrawn, unhappy. Suicide thoughts have come back, I feel hopeless, I have no hope……….. I’m tired of the fight, Ive been crying out to God to help me, asking him to take me because I feel like my body hates me. And to be totally truthful…..and not to scare anyone….because this is a true account of my experience with being glutend for this blog………I have been thinking about ending it all again. I’m a Christian and I know this is not what God wants for me. I know this is an attack from satan to kill me and destroy me so I listen to God and hang onto him. Today is much better, Im thinking more clearly today. Depression has lifted and my joy has returned. Feeling more normal again and feeling relieved. The migraine has lessened and my mind is clearing and my eyes too. It’s been 8 days since the biopsy and 9 since I’ve been gluten. Thank God it’s over. I should have the results in another week but no matter what the result is, I will never eat gluten again!

I was remembering something kind of funny now that it’s over that I wanted to share. The day of the procedure I was laying on the bed in the prep room and a nurse was asking me all kinds of questions. Pretty much everything I already had put on my paper work……During this time with her I was having times of extreme abdominal charley horse like spasms and in a whole lot of pain. You know the kind of pain that makes you unable to talk and you can’t keep your eyes open and you make an I’M IN REAL PAIN RIGHT NOW kind of look on your face….because you can’t help it…….Well, during this the nurse asks me, on the scale of 1-10 how would you rate your pain? I said a ” 10 ” she looks at me with a roll of her eyes and smart-tilac voice ( she looks like she might be maybe 25 years old ) and says …..with 10 like having your arm cut off while your awake…….To make her happy I said 5…… But on the inside I was thinking it felt like my colon was being cut in half….I wonder if she’s ever felt what I was feeling at the moment…..probably not. If she had she wouldn’t have been so insensitive about it. Now that I’ve wrote about it, it’s not as funny and I’m a little bit ticked off! HA HA 😤😡

Finale Update-
Got my report back and I am NOT Celiac. But do have severe gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, and an ulcer in my stomach and severe acid reflux. Dr. said to stay on a gluten-free diet eat lots of fiber and I should do a lot better which I’ve been doing and am already feeling so much better. All I can say after all of this is….. I’m so thankful that I found out what has made me so sick for all these years and that I’m so thankful to God that it’s over 😊

Surprise Birthday Weekend


Have you ever just up and decided to take a trip on the spur of the moment? I mean…..one day your husband just up and says…..lets go to ( Branson ) for us that’s a close, quick to get to place without plane tickets or driving all day. We’re there in like 3 hours or less depending on traffic and our crazy Oklahoma HWY road construction that NEVER seems to go away. :/ Anyways…….. I couldn’t believe it! One minute were talking on the phone and then next were planing a birthday trip for the weekend and we would be leaving in just a few hours! I don’t think I’ve ever been so surprised and excited…..maybe it was just a different kind of excitement or just the ” I can’t believe we’re on our way to Branson ” kind of thing. We’ve never done that kind of thing before that I can ever remember. We’ve been married 31 years and I think this was a first……and I liked it! I liked it allot! We are such ( planners ) I mean we plan EVERYTHING way ahead of time. We take cruises every year, we go to Branson at least twice a year. We own our own Business ( Farnsworth Quality Roofing ) Farnsworth Quality Roofing and really just have to plan accordingly because of that. Anyways, we had a blast. I found myself all weekend saying out loud…..I Can’t Believe We’re In Branson ! …..Happily ;) We stayed on the Landing in the Hillton ” love the Hillton ” although we really enjoy a condo the best when we go it was still so nice to be on the Landing. Walking right out of our hotel right onto the Landing……no driving….just shopping……some much needed retail therapy I might add…….and wonderful Gluten Free Restaurants and time alone with this husband of mine…..no business interruptions…….just him and I…… Loved every moment ;) If you ever have a chance to go to a Sight And Sound Theatre you’ve just GOT to see JOESPH! That was my all time favorite….at the top of my list……then Noah and then The Nativity. The BEST SHOWS on Earth! Plan to see them where available. Sight and Sound Theatre


Then Monday came and with it a day full of fun with my Mom and my niece Rachel who I call Puddin ;) Birthday lunch, shopping and then back to watch and laugh at the Real Housewives of Orange County…….OMGOSH! Talk about drama queens! I need to be careful when watching that because I could get Hooked! ( Shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I watched it. ) 😇 We love our girl time together. ;) below are my special gifts from them….the only thing missing???? Is a picture of us three! What was I thinking? Oh I know….I wasn’t!



Then Tuesday came and with it came my birthday ;) To be surrounded by my kids and grands always does my heart good. Watching them together laughing and sparing and teasing with each other was the highlight of my evening. ;) I think I could have watched and listened with a smile on my face and laugher in my voice the whole entire night! I think my favorite time of the whole night was while we were at the dinning room table eating our dinner together………loved every moment! Again…..sadly….. No pics. No one in my family takes pics…..ever, except me. I wish I could have had pics with my kids but thankfully I did have pics with my grands thanks to my husband. ;) (except for one….my Genevieve ) they had to go because it was getting close to her bedtime. ;)


Did you notice my birthday cake? Doesn’t it look pretty and yummy? My daughter in-love Lacey made it for me and yes…..it was gluten free ;) I really appreciate my family and how they are very understanding about the Autoimmune Disease I suffer from. Thank you my Lacey love. 😘

I’m thinking I just might have gotten spoiled by my kids and family……..;) Happy dance. Thanks to all my darlings, my husband who planned this whole weekend and planned my party and thank you to my girls Brandi and Lacey for helping their daddy with prep work and clean up. You girls are a blessing to us. I love you all 😘😘😘


JustGreatStuff Smoothie

JustGreatStuff Smoothie

My all time FAV smoothie.

Notice my new pretty and colorful pitcher in the background? Who says we can’t have a smoothie in a pretty wine glass? 😉



Shellac Polish ;) Loven it so far But be careful of the lotions at salons!

Shellac Polish ;) Loven it so far But be careful of the lotions at salons!.

Roast Too….Comfort Food Stew….Now this is what I’m talking about!


Do y’all remember the yummy roast I made a few days ago? Well, I had leftovers and decided to make beef stew by adding some GF beef stock and frozen peas and corn and some of Randy’s sun dried tomatoes. All this and it became one of my favorite comfort foods 😉 and yes, I was very comforted….

OMGOODNESS! I just realized I didn’t blog about it! For shame for shame! I Facebook’d it but forgot to blog it! So here it is:

Season your roast with Daddy Hinkles dry seasoning.
Brown your roast in bacon fat, all sides.
Cut up a yellow onion and lay in the bottom of your crock pot.
Then add your browned roast on top of the onions.
Add cut up carrots and mushrooms on top.
Add about 3/4 cup of water.
Then cook for 8 hours on low.
Now after the roast is done take it out and the mushrooms and carrots. Try to leave in as many onions as possible and then use a emulsifier to blend all the droppings together. To make a gravy I add in a couple of Tbl of potato starch. YUMO!
Enjoy with a nice big healthy salad 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge



One word……..Bruschetta ;)

Tell Me I’m Worth It

Tell Me I’m Worth It.

Seems like she can read my heart and mind. What a gift ;) love her!

Simply Organic Chicken Fajita’s Yumolishous ;)


Todays surprise Dinner for Randy was …….Simply Organic Chicken Fajita’s Yumolishous ;)
Start by cuting your chicken into 1/4 in slices
Put them into a ziplock bag with 2Tb of olive oil and then add your (Simply Organic Chicken Fijita seasoning mix. Love this stuff!)
and put into the refrigerate for a couple of hours to marinate them.

After marinating add the chicken into a skillet with 2 Tb of olive oil on med high heat and cook them till just done. Don’t over cook them or they will be tough and dry ;( yuk!

While chicken is cooking prepare your other ingredients.

I like to use red and yellow bell peppers and onions. Cut them into strips and add them into your 2nd skillet with 1/2 Tb. of olive oil and cook them on med high heat till they are crispy done.
Cut open your avocados and slice them and spoon them into a bowl. ( these are your garnish or in my case the topping! Lol ) We also like Mexican style cheese and lettuce for toppings.

We prefer corn tortillas instead of flour….can’t do flour….have to stay gluten free ;)
So I spray olive oil on a sheet pan and lay the corn tortillas on it then spray lightly on top of them too and bake them for 5 min at 350*
They always turn out perfectly. ;)

When I first had to go gluten free I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have Mexican food again…… But when there’s a will there’s a way…right!

Here’s to eating gluten free and staying healthy 🆓 🆓 🆓 🆓 🆓

Bruschetta and Some Tomato Loven Chickens


We love Bruschetta and our Tomato Loven Chickens

We have tons of cherry tomatoes from our garden so I thought what better way to use them then to make Bruschetta. So as I started to prepare them I got the idea to put all the juicy parts in a bowl for our chickens and it turned out to be a big hit as you can see from my pics they were happy little campers.

Bruschetta is very easy to make:
Cut and scoop out the seedy juicy part of the tomatoes. Add 1/4 c. olive oil, 4 cloves of chopped garlic and 1 hand full chopped basil and a little salt to your taste. Put into a glass bowl and refrigerate for a couple of hours to marinate. Serve with Gluten free toasted bread. This is our dinner for tonight! This makes me happy 👏👏👏👏👏


What Can I Say About Marriage


What can I say about marriage? I’m crazy in love with my husband of 31 + years. I’ve loved every minute. He’s a wonderful, loving, kind hearted, Christian man and I am blessed to have him as mine. (Advice: Read the Bible, its a guide book for everything. ;) forgive each other…no body’s perfect, be patent with each other, laugh at yourselves and love and kiss allot! )……..love covers up a multitude of sins……the ups and downs ( your going to have them, don’t give up on each other ) ……the good, the bad and the ugly, lets face it, the good far out weighs the bad so think on those things ;) ……..the sad moments and the happy moments, we’ve had them, death and birth, that’s life…….growing up and growing older, we both were immature, experienced some much needed life’s lessons, that’s where the forgiveness comes in ;) as far as growing older, well, with it comes body changes, some pain too, but the good part is you become more free or set free from life’s influences or expectations, your mind has matured and you start to see things differently and it’s a HUGE relief! ………raising children and watching them grow up, get married and then us becoming empty nesters, now here’s where joy reaches the most inner part of you soul and sadness too…… Chapters in our lives on the book about us……..life goes on……grandchildren start to fill our lives with new beginnings……such joy do they bring to our hearts and lives but at the same moment the loss of our own children become more real…..they are children no more but parents…..I miss my children, their child like smell, the touch of their little hands and the feel of their soft hair, the sound of their voices in my ear day and night. The twinkle in their eyes as they look at me face to face in that I love you mom way. The touch of their sweet kisses and hugs. A mothers heart aches for those things for her whole life long but our children won’t know that till they feel the longing for themselves when they too begin to feel that loss. Nothing can really fill that place in our hearts…….Grandchildren are a blessing from the the Lord, a second runner up to our own beloved children, I hope that doesn’t sound terrible but that’s the way I feel. I love my kids and I equally love my grandchildren. My little loves. They have my heart, they always have and always will. Such joy they bring to our home. As they come into our home with voices of pure excitement from being here and seeing us. We hear…… Mema!, Papa!, They come running to us, hugs and kisses are given, cookies and candy are asked for, toys and laughter begin, sibling rivalry….let’s don’t go there….lol…… So much fun to be with and then time to go home and there’s tears because they want to stay…..but Mema and Papa need a nap! Ha! The house is once again quite….Thank God….because like I said before….we need a nap. ;) I am thankful for my family. I love them, each one with their own personalities, I have a special relationship with each one, not one in the same way but all equally loved and cherished. Thank you God for making me a Wife, Lover and best friend for my Husband Randy, Mother, to my Children Brandi and Nathan and their Spouses Bryan and Lacey and a Mema to my little loves Taylor, Tristan, Abigail and Genevieve and a Friend to those who have loved me, believed in me and cherished me as I did them. ;) Our Book isn’t over by far……we’re just in another chapter of our lives. I’m excited to see and experience and to live it all out to the fullness and all for the Glory Of God and Christ my Savior. ;)


spiced carrot cake – just like grandma makes (only gluten and dairy free)

spiced carrot cake – just like grandma makes (only gluten and dairy free).

Carrot cake is one of my favorites ;) I think I’ll make it for my birthday ;)😙🎂

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